MRP Passport Processing Steps in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, MRP Passports are processed through the following different processes:

  1. Pre-Enrollment System
  2. Bio Enrolment System
  3. Document Scanning
  4. Payment Verification: After applying for MRP to the Passport Centers, your payment is verified by authorized personnel of Passport Office. If it is okay, the status “Payment Succeed is Shown”.
  5. Special Branch Verification/Police Verification: If you are verified by Police, then, it is stated.
  6. Passport Screening:
  7. Pending for Deputy Director/Assistant Director’s Approval: After Police Verification done, Its await for approval of DD/AD.
  8. Pending Passport Personalization: It is an important process where people are not conscious. It means it is under printing stages: Capacity: 1000 passport/hour
  9. "Pending for Passport Personalisation"
    “Pending for Passport Personalisation”
  10. In Printer Queue:

    Passport In Queue
    Passport In Queue
  11. Security Printing
  12. Printing Succeed
  13. Quality Checking
  14. Passport Ready for Issuance/Delivery

See the video for details:


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