Best Photography Spots and Scenic Views in Fort Walton

6 Best Photography Spots and Scenic Views in Fort Walton

Wondering ” What are the best photography spots and scenic views in Fort Walton?”Located on the west side of the Florida Panhandle, Fort Walton Beach is an amazing sunny location on the Gulf Coast. Its main point of attraction is the snow-white beaches stretching along the shore. Travelers come here for swimming, sunbathing, soaking up the sun, and sipping cocktails. In addition, the city offers a variety of historic archaeological sites and cultural attractions scattered throughout the area. However, this marvelous Florida destination favors lovers of aesthetic beauty. 

Fort Walton Beach boasts incredibly charming gardens and parks, spiced with fountains and shady alleys. Also, 27 miles of sugar-white sandy coast provides a multitude of scenic overlooks. 

So, if you are a fan of breathtaking places and want to surround yourself with fascinating landscapes, head to Fort Walton Beach. We have prepared for you a list of must-visit points that will hit your eye. Oh yes, and don’t forget to take your camera to capture these fabulous sights and then show them to your friends.

Okaloosa Pier 

Better than a sea view can only be a sea view against the background of the pier. Yes, the 1,262-foot-long boardwalk pier fits in perfectly with the relaxed atmosphere of the Gulf Coast. People come here for inspiration, the smell of the ocean, and the endless water horizon. 

If you’re ambitious enough, get up early in the morning to catch a sunrise with your camera. Also, you can come at sunset, when the red sun sinks into the bottomless depths of the bay. Pelicans, herons, and seagulls will keep you company as you visit the pier. 

If you want to stretch your leisurely walk, head north. The funky area called the Boardwalk offers a variety of waterfront bars and restaurants to complement your nautical experience.

What are the best photography spots and scenic views in Fort Walton?

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park 

Marine life takes on new meanings under your camera lens. So, it would be a great idea to go to the local marine park full of sea creatures. The vast area hosts seals, dolphins, several species of alligators, sea lions, rays, a tiger shark, turtles, and nearly 230 species of fish. 

You have the opportunity to catch marine life on camera, and if necessary, enjoy closer contact in special pools. Sea urchins, crabs, and other coral reef dwellers roam freely in a specially prepared environment and are even ready to smile when you shoot them. Of course, take a protective housing camera with you to take pictures underwater.

This park features an excellent space allowing you to spend time usefully and learn something new about marine creatures. As a bonus, you will get lots of lovely photos!

Scenic Ride to Pensacola 

If you’re looking for a change of scenery for a while, consider spending the day in Pensacola, an hour’s drive from Fort Walton Beach. Such a trip will bring you a lot of pleasure but you need to rent a car to organize it. Luckily, you will find a large selection of cars for rentals with Enterprise at VPS Airport. We recommend that you make a reservation in advance. 

As the westernmost city in the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola offers a carefree coastal life full of excitement. Start exploring the area at Old Pensacola Historic Village and marvel at its rural scenery. Then, walk down Palafox Street for an urban vibe and head to Fort Pickens. The ancient fort lies on the coast and looks fantastic against the backdrop of the blue ocean. At the same time, its cannons and civil war fortifications create a unique landscape. 

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On your way to Pensacola, take Highway 399 running along the coast. This road provides incredible sea views and some great vantage points. Overall, the round trip from Fort Walton Beach will take no more than half a day but will give you a lot of vivid impressions.

What are the best photography spots and scenic views in Fort Walton?

Liza Jackson Park 

Make your way to Liza Jackson Park for sunrise and sunset magic. Situated on the shore, it provides enchanting panoramas of the ocean against the backdrop of slender palm trees. And if you get there early in the morning or the evening, you will catch fabulous views with your camera. 

The park has extensive picnic areas where you can sit in the shade of large trees or sheltered gazebos. Also, boat rental is available on the shore. Thus, you have easy access to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Santa Rosa Sound

Even if you just came for a walk, Liza Jackson Park is a worthwhile place. White sand, blue ocean, and lush greenery all around set a positive mood and make for a wonderful setting for exceptional landscape photography! 

Wat Mongkolratanaram Buddhist Temple

If you want to spruce up your gallery with oriental photography, head to Wat Mongkolratanaram Buddhist Temple. Although located in an urban area, the temple has a dedicated area with extensive shady walking paths. Particularly striking are the outline of the temple and the Buddha statue both painted in golden color. They perfectly contrast with the blue sky and greenery around, which guarantees excellent photos.

You will be happy to spend a few hours within Wat Mongkolratanaram Buddhist Temple and explore its natural and architectural delights. And if you get hungry, go to the stalls behind the temple. They sell cheap and delicious Thai food which may inspire you to take some more great shots. Oh, and don’t be afraid to spend too much as the money goes to donations.

What are the best photography spots and scenic views in Fort Walton?

John C. Beasley Park 

Once on Okaloosa Island, head east for a more intimate coastal setting at John C. Beasley Park. It’s home to wild white sandy beaches with wide open areas and little grassy vegetation. 

Since the park is quite large, you will find the perfect view to marvel at the vast surroundings. However, you may have to share the space with wedding ceremonies that often take place there due to the incredible local natural beauty. 

A nice bonus for visitors to John C.Beasley Park is free parking. Thus, grab your camera, jump in the car, and hit the road! 


In general, the Fort Walton area is not exactly your typical photographic destination. It would seem there’s nothing to see there except for the beaches and the endless ocean. However, the devil is in the details and you will find some spectacular landscape-friendly points if you search carefully. So, check your camera and use our informative guide for unforgettable shots from Fort Walton!

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