Tubular Metal Furniture Manufacturing Process

Furniture is fashionable goods in human life. A person has different choices about furniture. Somebody chooses Wooden Furniture, somebody panel furniture, somebody metal furniture, somebody cane furniture etc.  Again, all furniture cannot be used in same area like office, home, hospital, garden etc. Wooden furniture can be used as your home furniture; panel furniture can … Read more

Metal Furniture Manufacturing Machinery

Metal Furniture Manufacturing Industry is a little bit difficult industry in the world. To set up a metal furniture manufacturing industry, you will need more machinery and spaces than others (wooden furniture and panel furniture). Workman ship is very important for its quality and productivity. Without skilled technicians or operators, you cannot get better finished … Read more

Easy Bookmarking Tricks into Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking is a popular link building techniques of a site or blog in off-page SEO. It is a easy link building technique if you know it. To accomplish bookmarking job, you need not know good English language. If you have little knowledge on English language you can easily do it. But in the other … Read more

Hulsta Furniture – A Modern Home Furniture Manufacturing Company

hulsta modern home furniture

Hulsta Furniture produces higher quality modern home furniture. For producing quality furniture the company’s clients visits into the entire the World. Mr. Alois Hulsa lays founded this company in 1940. From the very beginning the company ran with 10 employees and produced room cabinet. Now it has 1250 employees and they serve to the company … Read more

Pastoe Furniture – A Modern Home Furniture Company in Europe

Pastoe Furniture  is a famous modern home furniture company in the furniture world. The company has exclusive collection of furniture. Mr. Frits Loeb is the founder of this company at Rootworm. At first, the company manufactured chair. Subsequently, it started other furniture manufacturing and built a large factory. Pastoe Furniture Manufacturing Company was established in … Read more

Wood Bending by Chemical Softening

Did you hear about wood bending without steam or with chemical? Today, I will discuss about wood bending tricks with chemical for furniture manufacturing industries. A lot of renowned contemporary furniture manufacturing companies are using these confidential tricks. Every company is using his own confidential tricks. They never share it to anybody. But I will … Read more

Kerfing Wood Bending Method

Kerfing wood bending method is also a very easy method of wood bending. Generally, in this wood bending method, saw kerf (cut) operation is executed on the inner surface of the wood which to be bent. The method for this kerfing wood bending is a relation between the thickness of the wood, the curvature ‘R’ … Read more

Veneer Wood Bending Method-Laminated Bending

Veneer Wood Bending Method

Veneer Wood Bending Method is a popular woodbending method in the world. It is also known as Laminating Wood Bending Method. It is the easiest wood bending method. In this method, you need some sized wood veneer, glue, template/mold and some clamps. At first, take some sized wood veneers. Veneers should be in same sizes. … Read more

Various Ways of Wood Bending for Furniture Manufacturing

From a long period ago, wood bending is one of the important methods used in the wood processing. Wood bendingis particularly special but not actually a difficult technique. Some of the classic examples of wood bending are boat, barrel and container. In Western Europe, this technique has been being used for a long instance in … Read more

How to Make Wood Bendable with Hot Water

Have you ever heard about wood can be bendable with the help of only water? Yes! Wood can be bent with the help of hot water or water. Now, I will teach you how to make wood bendable with hot water. That means, you would be able to profile your wood however you want. Before … Read more

Pressure Treatment Process on Mango Timber and its Benefit

We know mango timber is cheap and usually used as fire wood for cooking in the village area and brick field. For its medium density and juicy quality, it is affected by borer, fungus and weathers away that lessen its durability. But applying some technologies, these problems are removed and the timbers acquire good quality … Read more

Great History of Furnitex Board Manufacturing

What is Furnitex Board? Furnitex Board is one kind of veneer board which is made with the combination of plain particle board (Different thicknesses 9mm to18mm and size 8’x4’), Cross Veneer (especially, Gorjon Timber thickness of 2mm and above), Decorative Face Veneer (Thin Veneer) of thickness 0.35mm to 0.60 mm and glue. This furnitexboard is … Read more

What is Lacquering and Polishing

What is Lacquering? Lacquering is a process of applying coating on wood or wooden furniture. In other words, it is a process of applying coating on wood or wooden furniture with spray gun or other specific modern devices or machinery. There are various types of Lacquer chemical – PU Lacquer, NC Lacquer, AC Lacquer, and … Read more

What is Furniture Manufacturing?

What is Furniture Manufacturing? Do you know what furniture manufacturing is? Before know that, at first, you should know about what is manufacturing and what is furniture. After that I will tell about what is furniture manufacturing. So let us know the meaning of furniture manufacturing. Manufacturing is a process of the production of goods … Read more

Furnitex Board May Be the Best Alternative of Veneer Board

furnitex board

Do you know about what the Furnitex board is? Furnitex Board means a special type of Partex Veneer Board which is mainly used for making modern home and office furnture. It is a great innovation of Partex Furniture. It is an exceptional type of veneer board. FurnitexBoard has five layers. See the below pictures to … Read more

What is Timber Treatment and Timber Seasoning

Timber Treatment: To keep safe timber from attacking of wood worm or termite, a special type of chemical (preservative) is penetrated into the core of timber through “Pressure Treatment Process” and it is called timber treatment. The main objectives of Timber Treatment are as follows: To save timber from termite or worm attack To change … Read more

Reasons for Popularity of Furniture Manufacturing Business Now-a-days

Furniture Manufacturing business is a popular business now-a-days. Companies that manufacture products like home and office furniture, kitchen furniture, mattresses, cabinets and other furniture are known as furniture manufacturing company. Some of the major furniture manufacturing companies are furniture brands international, HNI, Herman Miller, Leggett & Platt, La-Z-Boy, Ikea, Hunter Douglas, Natuzzi, Samson holding, and … Read more

Lexington Furniture Manufacturing Company-Made in USA Furniture

lexngton modern home furniture

  Lexington furniture manufacturing company is a global manufacturer of quality home furniture. They are also a pioneering industry leader. There products encompass a wide range of design and fashion. Their products are delivered through self-governing retailers. They started their business in 1903. Lexington furniture manufacturing company is one of the most famous companies in … Read more

Century Furniture Manufacturing Company

Century furniture manufacturing company is a strong company which offers much customization in upholstery and case goods. They do extremely well at achieving European style having strong transitional collections.  They started their business in 1947. Harley Ferguson Shuford, Sr was the founder of this company. By his hard efforts, Century furniture has evolved into the … Read more

Kinwai Furniture Manufacturing Company in China

Kinwai furniture manufacturing company is an international furniture manufacturer. This company mainly designs and manufactures marketable, office, home and upholstered furniture.  They started their business in 1993.  This company is based on 5 branches to center in their business. They are Kinwai International, Kinwai decoration, kinwai Kelly, Kinwai domestic branches, and Kinwai retail. Kinwai furniture … Read more