Stickley furniture Manufacturing Company

stickley modern home furniture

Stickley Furniture Manufacturing Company is one of the leading furniture companies in the recent time in America. Gustav Stickley was the leader and founder of the company and introduced many new designs of furniture. He brought out the modern designs and publisher of the company furniture. Moreover, the founder of this furniture manufacturing company is … Read more

Baker Furniture Manufacturing Company

baker modern home furniture

Baker furniture manufacturing company was started by Seibe Baker and his son Hollis Baker. They dream of establishing a furniture manufacturing company. Today their dream came into real.  High quality and original furniture are manufactured by Baker furniture manufacturing company.  The main characteristic of their furniture is they are nicely designed.  Baker furniture manufacturing company … Read more

Badcock Furniture Manufacturing Company

badcock modern home furniture shop

Badcock Furniture is a brand furniture manufacturing company which mainly manufactures home furniture. Badcock furniture is one of the most top furniture manufacturing companies in the world. It is situated in southeastern United States. In eight states, it has 320 stores across southeastern USA. It is a privately owned furniture manufacturing company. It was founded … Read more

American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company

american signature modern home furniture

American Signature Furniture Manufacturing Company is the leading furniture company that based in Columbus, Ohio. This company is privately owned by the owner of the company as well as founder. This company is regarded as the parent furniture manufacturing company of Value City Furniture and American Signature Furniture. The brand oriented of this company is … Read more

Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company

masco modern home furniture

Masco Furniture Manufacturing Company is one of the leading furniture production companies in the recent time. Alex Manoogian, the citizen of Turkey, founded this furniture company. With his great education level and enterprise, he founded the company. He was the chairperson of this furniture manufacturing company more than 67 years. Now, his small company has … Read more

IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company

Ikea modern home furniture shop

IKEA Furniture Manufacturing Company started its business from its region in Sweden. They opened their first store with their furniture in Almhult, Smaland in the year of 1958. With their quality and dignity to work, they reached in a good rank in the people’s mind and would able to continue their furniture manufacturing business outside … Read more

Ashley Furniture Manufacturing Company

ashley modern home furniture

Ashley Furniture Manufacturing Company is one of the best and leading companies in the recent time. They are now dealing with many parts of the world to produce and distribute furniture to many countries especially in the nearby countries. This is high-class furniture manufacturing company that working with trained and qualified employees and huge capital. … Read more

Copeland Furniture Manufacturing Company

copeland modern home furniture astrid

Copeland Furniture Manufacturing Company is one of the best furniture manufacturing companies in the world. This manufacturing company is providing the best quality wood furniture since 1976. The company has grown normally from small town of Bradford, Vermont but now it has become one of the most famous companies for wooden furniture. The company starts … Read more

Why We Will Use Mango Timber for Furniture Manufacturing

Mango Timber is an extremely beautiful medium hardwood. It has become very popular due to its greater sustainability over other popular medium hardwoods such as teak or oak. History of Mango Timber: The mango tree is an evergreen tree. It is originated from India and its Latin or Scientific name is Mangifera Indicia. The Mango … Read more

Furniture Manufacturing Raw Material – Timber (2nd Part)

In the first part, I have discussed on Teak timber which is the most important raw material for furniture manufacturing. It is mostly used in India and surrounding of India. Now, I will discuss on other good timber which are also frequently used for timber furniture manufacturing, specially, in Malaysia & China. It is rubber … Read more

Furniture Manufacturing Raw Material – Timber (1st Part)

Some timber plays an important role in timber furniture manufacturing process. All timbers cannot be used as furniture manufacturing timber. Normally, Medium Hardwood is used for timber furniture manufacturing. In some cases, some hard wood is also used as timber furniture manufacturing material. But, normally, no softwood is directly used in timber furniture manufacturing. It … Read more

Top 10 Modern Home Furniture Shops in the World

top 10 modern home furniture shop

In the furniture manufacturing world, there are thousands of good branded furniture company. Among them, Baker, Century, Durham, Drexel Heritage, Stickley, Alfresco Lifestyles, Ikea etc are the best furniture making brand in the world. It doesn’t mean the other furniture manufacturing companies don’t have great quality and reputations. We have top 10 listed from the … Read more

Easy Way of Panel Furniture Manufacturing

Panel Furniture is manufactured through a few specific operations. These operations are also depending on classification of furniture manufacturing. It has fewer operations than wooden furniture manufacturing operations. Anybody who has less capital or wants to establish a furniture manufacturing company with a few investments can easily establish panel furniture manufacturing company. Mostly office furniture … Read more

Tips to Create Back link Through Blog Commenting

Blog comments posts is one of the best ways to direct the visitor to your site. It is very important for SEO. You can get huge traffic to your site by putting comments into dofollow blogs. When you put your comments in a blog or create a back link for your blog, then, it would … Read more

Types of Furniture Manufacturing Based on Uses Field

Since furniture is fashionable goods, people wants to choose themselves for their required field. Moreover, all furniture cannot be used in all places. That is why, furniture has been categorized based on uses field also. Furniture Manufacturing industries have been developed also based on uses field. Generally, one furniture manufacturing company does not manufacture all … Read more

Types of Furniture Manufacturing Based on Base Material

Furniture Manufacturing is a challenging job. There are a number of furniture varieties in the world.  It is not consumer durable goods. It is fashionable goods like garments. As it is fashionable goods, people have their own tastes. They want to choose themselves according to their requirement. That is why, you cannot control them but … Read more

How to Establish a Furniture Manufacturing Business

If you are a skilled craftsman and you have enough money to arrange workspace, machinery etc, you can start your own furniture making business. It is good to become an entrepreneur/employer instead of becoming a general employee. Furniture manufacturing business is a profitable business, if you know this job well. Establishment of a Furniture Manufacturing … Read more