How to Apply for E-Passport at Jatrabari Regional Passport Officeapply for e-passport at jatrabari passport office dhaka

How to Apply for E-Passport at Jatrabari Regional Passport Office

Learn Step by Step – How to Apply for E-Passport at Jatrabari Regional Passport Office and Other Offices!

If you are a Bangladeshi citizen and want to travel abroad for Hajj, Umrah, Work, Education, Tour, Treatment, or any other reason, you must have MRP or ePassport. But, do you know how to apply for E- passport in Bangladesh and which region is best for you?

Actually, the passport region is selected based on your present address mainly. If your present address is Jatrabari nearby, you have to apply at Jatrabari Regional Passport Office. During application, after putting your present address, you will find the exact passport office there.

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If you are applying for an ePassport at Jatrabari Regional Passport Office, this post is the best fit for you.

Jatrabari Passport Office Inside Details

However, you can get a fundamental idea about how to apply for an ePassport.

5 Steps How to Apply for e-Passport in Bangladesh:

You can apply for the new e-Passport in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Check if the new e-Passport is already available in your area

Step 2: Fill in your e-Passport application online

  • For Online Application Click Here

Step 3: Pay passport fees

  • For Passport Fees and Bank List Click Here

Step 4: Visit your Passport Office for Biometric Enrolment

Step 5: Collect your e-Passport at the passport office

In this post, we will discuss on two points mainly-

1) How to Fill Your ePassport Application Online

2) How to Fulfill Biometric Enrolment at Passport Office(s)

How to Fill ePassport Application Online:

E-passport Application Guidelines at Jatrabari Passport Office

Instructions for filling e-passport form:

1. E-passport application can be filled online.

2. No documents need to be attested in case of an e-passport application.

3. No photo attachment and attestation is required on the e-passport form.

4. Application forms must be filled in accordance with National Identity Card (NID) or Online Birth Registration (BRC) Certificate.

5. Minor applicants (under 18 years of age) who do not have a National Identity Card (NID) must specify the National Identity Card (NID) number of their father or mother.

6. National Identity Card (NID) or Online Birth Registration (BRC) Certificate should be submitted at the following age-

(A) Online Birth Registration (BRC) Certificate if under 18 years of age.

(B) National Identity Card (NID) or Online Birth Registration (BRC) Certificate at the age of 18-20 years.

(C) National Identity Card (NID) is required if above 20 years of age. However, online birth registration (BRC) certificate will be acceptable in case of application from Bangladesh Mission abroad.

7. Serial numbers marked with a star must be filled.

8. In case of adoption/guardianship, along with the passport application, an order issued by the Department of Security Services, Ministry of Home Affairs has to be submitted.

9. The application should be submitted to the concerned departmental passport and visa office / regional passport office / Bangladesh Mission abroad at the present address.

10. The validity of e-passport for all applications below 18 years and above 65 years will be 05 years and 48 pages.

11. Relevant technical credentials (eg: Doctor, Engineer, Driver, etc.) need to be uploaded/added.

12. If applicable, relevant GO / NOC / Certificate / Retirement Leave Order (PRL Order) / Pension Book should be uploaded/added which should be uploaded on the respective website of the issuing authority.

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13. If applicable, marriage certificate/marriage certificate and in case of divorce, divorce certificate has to be submitted.

14. Other charges (if any) including VAT at the rate fixed on the fee applicable for in-country application will be payable in addition. The fee fixed by the government will also be paid in case of application abroad.

15. Applications for diplomatic passports must be submitted to the Consular and Welfare Wing of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or to the Head Office of the Department of Immigration and Passports.

16. When applying for a new passport from a foreign mission, the contact address of Bangladesh should be mentioned in the permanent address column.

17. In case of an urgent passport application (new issue) it is necessary to collect a police clearance certificate on one’s own initiative and submit it along with the application.

18. (A) If a police clearance is submitted with the application for the purpose of obtaining an urgent passport within the country, the passport will be issued within 2 working days subject to the correctness of all other information.

(B) If a police clearance is submitted with the application for obtaining an emergency passport within the country, the passport will be issued within 7 working days provided all other information is correct.

(C) Passport will be issued within 15 working days, provided that all other information is correct if the application is submitted with police clearance for obtaining a regular passport within the country.

19. At the time of application, the original National Identity Card (NID), Online Birth Registration (BRC) and, if applicable, Technical Certificate, Government Order (GO) / No Objection (NOC) should be displayed/submitted.

20. In case of re-issuance of passport, the original passport has to be displayed.

21. In case of a lost passport a copy of the original GD has to be shown/submitted.

22. In case of application below the age of 06 years, a 3R (Size) size (lab print gray background) photo must be submitted.

23. If the passport is lost or stolen, it should be reported to the nearest police station immediately. In case of a new passport, the application along with a photocopy of the old passport and GD copy should be submitted.

How to Fulfill Biometric Enrolment at Passport Office(s)

Biometric Enrolment at Jatrabari Regional Passport Office:

  • Visit Jatrabari Regional Passport Office at your Scheduled Date & Time.
  • Go to Room No-405 directly and wait in a queue to verify your application and supporting papers.
Room-405 for Passport Documents Verification
  • After successful verification by the Superintendent/AD, you have to go to Room-302 to get another confirmation & signature with seal “RBD Checked” (RBD=Rohingya Biometric Database”.
  • Next, you have to submit the application documents (Verified & Signed/Sealed) to Room-404 for Biometric Enrolment.
Jatrabari Regional Passport Office : Room – 404 for Bio Enrolment
  • They will give you token/serial number to wait and follow a serial.
  • They (Room-404) will call you according to your serial/token number for Biometric and you have wait nearby area till get the call.
  • After getting call from Room-404, enter into the room and wait in a queue inside the room to call for biometric enrolment.

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Jatrabari Passport Office Room 404 Queue for Biometric Enrolment
  • By following Serial, when your call will come, go to the calling booth and give your Verified Application Documents, Previous Original Passport (If you have), Original National ID Card/Smart ID Card or Online Original Birth ID Copy (if your age is below 18/20 and you did not get NID).
  • They will take your Photo (Do not wear White Dress), Signature, Scan Eye Contact and Biometric (Scan Fingers). If you have anything to change in the passport data, please tell the guy who is taking your biometrics.
  • Finally, they will give you a printed Delivery Slip and please, check the all information (Name, Birth Date etc) carefully before leaving the place.

Your Job is Done! Keep the Delivery Slip carefully at your end and come with that slip on the date of passport delivery (after getting SMS/being confirmed).


How to Delete Applied or Scheduled ePassport Application from Server:

To delete applied/submitted/scheduled e-passport application from the server to reapply to change mistaken information, you have to wait 200 days to be expired the application or you can apply with a paper application as a request to the passport office where you applied for the cancellation of the application.

Sample copy of Application for the Cancellation of e-Passport Application from Server:

How to Delete Applied or Scheduled ePassport Application from Server


সহকারী /উপ-পরিচালক,

আঞ্চলিক পাসপোর্ট অফিস যাত্রাবাড়ী,


বিষয়ঃ ই- পাসপোর্টের অনলাইন আবেদন সার্ভার থেকে মুছে ফেলার জন্য আবেদন


বিনীত নিবেদন এই যে, আমি আজমির আক্তার গত ২৪শে নভেম্বর ২০২১ তারিখে অনলাইনে ই-পাসপোর্টের জন্য আবেদন করি, কিন্তু আবেদন পত্রে একটা ভূল পরিলক্ষিত হওয়ায় উক্ত আবেদন পত্রটি জমা দেয়া সম্ভব হচ্ছে না। তাই আমার অনলাইনে ই-পাসপোর্টের আবেদনটি (আবেদনের রেজিস্ট্রেশন নম্বরঃ OID1121211555) সার্ভার থেকে মুছে ফেলা খুবই জরুরি যাতে আমি নতুন করে আবার আবেদন করতে পারি।

অতএব মহোদয়ের নিকট আকুল আবেদন এই যে উপরোক্ত সমস্যার কথা বিবেচনা করে আমার কৃত অনলাইন আবেদন ( OID1121211555) টি মুছে দিয়ে নতুন করে আবেদন করার সুযোগ দানে বাধিত করবেন।


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