Sennheiser PC37X Review

Sennheiser PC37X Review Get Your Best

Sennheiser PC37X Review

The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X is a fantastic example of improving on something that already works well. 

TheA sleek design, improved drivers, and increased versatility thanks to its analog audio connections allow the Sennheiser PC37X to build on the excellent sound, and incredible comfort of the Sennheiser PC 373D is already available had an outstanding sound and great comfort. The $119 is a one-time fee.

 Even though the Sennheiser PC37X gaming headset is a fantastic investment for both competitive and recreational gamers who want to hear every last detail, getting your hands on one can be challenging. 

The Sennheiser PC37X is a gaming headset with an open back that is entirely constructed of plastic. Even while it lacks the bright highlights, colored LEDs, and flashy geometric forms that can be seen on many other goods on the market, it is unmistakably a gaming accessory. 

Essentially, it was designed to be worn comfortably for a prolonged period without becoming uncomfortable. 

The headphones have massive velour earpads and a comprehensive design. The plastic band is protected by a thick velour cushion. 

Because of its plastic structure, the headset is lightweight, and the open backs ensure that heat buildup is not an issue during operation. Overall, it’s incredibly comfortable, even if you’re wearing glasses. 

Sound Quality

The Sennheiser PC37X provides excellent sound quality for gaming headphones, with an accurate rendition of mid-range and most bass tones and a wide range of frequencies. 

There is a slight overemphasis in the 4kHz frequency ranges, but it is unlikely that you will notice it.  While gaming, this means that you shouldn’t come across anything that doesn’t sound right at all times.

 Because of the minor increase in the high frequencies (6-11kHz), different elements of speech, such as sibilant sounds (F, S, and Sh sounds), will come through more intensely due to the minor increase in the high frequencies.

 This is ideal for voices that sound natural. Some explosions may be less evident due to a minor de-emphasis at the bottom end of the bass range, but this will not be noticeable. 

Listening to music will not provide an authentic high-fidelity experience, but it will come close to it somehow. 

If you hear a song like Magic Sword’s Uprising with your gaming headphones on, the heavy bass will drown out most of the softer melodic elements playing in the background. It does an excellent job with electronic music because it does not fall into the trap of enhancing bass simply for its own sake, as some other headphones have done. 

While the increase in high frequencies may cause the sounds of strings and cymbals to become a little too loud, they should not overpower the rest of the music.


Overall, the audio quality of the Sennheiser PC 37X’s microphone is above average, if not slightly below average. Like most microphones, this product suppresses low-frequency noise to avoid the proximity effect, which occurs when a speaker or other audio source is placed too close to the microphone and causes the entire sound to be distorted. 

The equalization of midrange frequencies in this microphone is more peculiar than that seen in typical gaming headsets. For people who don’t have a particularly high-pitched voice, this implies that they may realize that they don’t sound like themselves when speaking into this microphone. 

Simply connecting the ground wire on your 3.5mm connector is all that is required from a practical standpoint; the rest is self-explanatory. The Sennheiser PC37X is a high-quality pair of music headphones that is well-designed. 

The hard-hitting guitar riffs and frightening double-bass drum beats from the Doom soundtrack were faithfully reproduced in the headset, resulting in frequent headbanging. 

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The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X is a more understated version of the already-sleek PC 373D, eschewing the red accents of the latter headset in favor of a beautiful but straightforward all-black design that will blend in with any gaming environment.

 In addition, the headset features Sennheiser’s trademark open-back ear-cup design, which allows for a large amount of sound at the penalty of some audio leakage. Instead of overloading you with buttons and knobs, the PC37X has a subdued volume slider on the right ear cup and a flexible, bendable microphone on the left that can be raised to muffle the sound when you want it to. Weirdly enough, however, the microphone is not removable because this is precisely the type of headset I’d like to wear while jamming out to some tunes on the subway. 


The headset’s operation is essential, but it is only truly functional on a computer. Since the Sennheiser PC37X has two 3.5mm connections (one for the microphone and one for the headphones), it is not compatible with console gaming systems, which means that console gamers are out of luck. Additionally, this headset includes integrated controls. 

The right earphone has a low-profile volume control, and you can silence the associated microphone by tilting it up into a vertical position—it’s pretty straightforward. During use, flipping the microphone up to mute it is quick and obvious because of the gratifying click that occurs when it is done.

Control, Comfort & Warranty

To read about Sennheiser PC37X Control, Comfort, and Warranty Support, check out this Sennheiser PC37X Review.

Is Sennheiser PC37X Worth Purchasing?

In short, the Sennheiser PC37X is a fantastic gaming headset: it’s comfortable, it sounds great, and it has decently clean microphone audio.

 Because of the velour headphone pads, this is an excellent choice for gamers who wear glasses. 

It’s a little annoying that the mic is quiet, but if all you intend to use it for is Discord, raising the volume is a simple process. 

The most critical factor in selecting whether or not you should get this is whether or not you prefer an open-back headphone design.

 For those looking for a headset that will keep them separated from the sounds of their surroundings, this is almost certainly not the best option. 

Alternatively, you may save even more money by purchasing the HyperX Cloud Alpha, a closed-back stereo gaming headset with superb audio quality that costs even less (though it also has a quiet mic). 

However, even though the Razer BlackShark V2 is a closed-back headset, it is a more affordable and superior option on almost every front if you want something with a few added capabilities. 

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The SteelSeries Arctis 7 will be roughly the same price as the BlackShark V2 and will have the same functionality as the BlackShark V2, with the added benefit of being wireless. 

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 will be approximately the same price as the BlackShark V2. However, if you don’t care about isolation or additional features, or if you’re one of the millions of parents who work from home and struggle to strike a balance between retaining your focus at work and making sure your children don’t wreck the house, this is a fantastic alternative.

Pros & Cons

Sound QualityPlastic build
In headset controlsMicrophone 
Sleek body designOnly for PC 
Highly comfortable

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